All about amputee dating

I am very happy to add a video from our sister site which is a specialised site for people looking for amputees or amputees looking for people;-)  both ways work.   Amputees seem to have more emphasis on fetish dating than regular disabled daters or wheelchair users.   There are a breed of amputee seekers who are known as devotees who seek out disabled women to admire and worship.  I know we get a bit of this on regular disabled sites like disabilitymatch but on amputee sites there is a greater emphasis on the bizarre.  You even have people who undergo elective amputation – ugh – to make themselves more sexually interesting.  Personally I get unhappy with elective tooth removal let alone losing a limb.  I really dont understand the appeal but heigh ho live is varied and different folks different strokes.  Even more odd to my mind are people who are ‘pretenders’ i.e they dress like amputees and use wheelchairs and other disabled parephenalia.  From what i can see they have fan clubs and sell overpriced photos and videos of themselves online.  But please ‘like’ this video and spread good karma on youtube.

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