Does ‘Brain Training’ Work For Children With Autism or ADHD? We look at the Evidence.

I was recently chatting to an expert in the field of autism and ADHD in children and the topic of ‘brain training’ came up.  This is a very ‘hot’ topic in the USA right now because its results are unclear and the costs for parents can be high.  Often, what catches on in the USA makes its way to our shores... more →
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Autistic adults thought they were ‘bad people’

Although we often think of Autism as being something spotted early on in childhood, many people on the spectrum as not disagnosed until much later in life.  Indees, many amongst us were just considered as ‘a bit odd’ during gtheir adolescence and working life and then one day they realise that they were, in fact, autistic. Researchers... more →
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Autistic children disproportionately affected by chronic pain

Here at disabilitymatch we are always concerned about autism since many of our users are on ‘the spectrum’ . We are pleased to highlight recent studies that deal with the way autistic children exoperience pain differently to their peers. Children with autism are about twice as likely as their typical peers to experience... more →
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Vaccination Does Not Cause Autism – New Study Shows.

A study looking at more than 650,000 kids is further debunking any link between autism and the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Researchers in Denmark conducted a nationwide study of all children born to Danish mothers between 1999 and 2010. Using a population registry, they tracked 657,461 children for a decade finding that... more →
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Autism and Romantic Relationships.

autism with
We seem to have more and more members joining the site who are on the autistic spectrum.  This is great since, by definition, these are the very members of the disabled community who need help in navigating the tricky dating footpath.  So I was very excited when the leading autism resource ambitiousaboutautism  to contribute an... more →
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3rd Episode of disabilitymatch Podcast

Very happy that we have released our 3rd podcast episode!  I am getting into the flow of things now, also we are getting great guests agreeing to be interviwed because they like our style.  We are upbeat and communicative.  Anyway you judge for yourselves   We have almost 100 downloads on our first day and we have high hopes... more →
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