Disability Rocks this Summer

Disability Rocks this Summer It is time for our biggest batch of summer festivals organised by Disability Rocks. Disability Rocks is a not for profit organisation established in early 2012 by Richard Sutton, father of a young boy with a rare chromosome disorder. Richard wanted to develop new and innovative ways to help people living... more →
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Cameron, The Tories and Disability.

This excellent article appeared in the Guardian. When David Cameron came to power in 2010 I thought he and I had a connection; stuff in common, a sort of unspoken understanding of sorts. I wasn’t with him on privatisation or lower taxes, but both of us had a real, lived experience of disability that I thought might make us somehow... more →
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Disabled Finnish Punk Group Set for Eurovision Victory

As of 2008, Finland had the highest proportion of institutionalized people in Scandinavia, according to the Nordic Network on Disability Research. An analysis of intellectual disability could be a damning stereotype: It’s frequently overused as a blanket diagnosis that causes people to overlook aspects of a disabled person’s... more →
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Disability and Sexuality Negative Viewpoints

There was an interesting article in the Independent newspaper Here is an important quote from the article. Research has shown that disabled people are less likely to have a long-term partner or marry than non-disabled people (although this is dependent on impairment type). When a 2014 newspaper poll asked Britons if they had ever... more →
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Should Obesity be classed as a disability?

Is obesity a disability or a self-inflicted condition triggered by a lack of willpower and overeating? Should people who are overweight be protected by the same discrimination laws that were put in place to shield those who are wheelchair users, people with learning difficulties, hearing and visual impairments or those with autism... more →
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All about amputee dating

I am very happy to add a video from our sister site www.amputeedate.co.uk which is a specialised site for people looking for amputees or amputees looking for people;-)  both ways work.   Amputees seem to have more emphasis on fetish dating than regular disabled daters or wheelchair users.   There are a breed of amputee seekers... more →
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Dating with Crohn’s Disease and IBD

We have just produced a new video for YouTube all about Crohn’s Disease.  We realise how difficult it is for people with bowel problems and the resulting issues with intimacy.  Disabilitymatch is a great solution for daters who have problems such as IBD, ulcerative colitis and colostomy pouches.. If you view this video please... more →
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