New Podcast Episode is available for download.

Our latest podcast is ready for fee download from the site or from iTunes or most other podcast platforms.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you have 40minutes to while away then this is the podcast for you.  It is an upbeat discussion on a variety of disability issues and our guests are shown in the video... more →
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Circumcision can increase autism, research suggests.

Circumcision before the age of five can double a boy’s risk of developing autism, controversial research suggests. Scientists believe the finding may be linked to stress caused by the pain of the procedure. The study of more than 340,000 boys in Denmark found that circumcision raised the overall chances of an autism spectrum... more →
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Should Obesity be classed as a disability?

Is obesity a disability or a self-inflicted condition triggered by a lack of willpower and overeating? Should people who are overweight be protected by the same discrimination laws that were put in place to shield those who are wheelchair users, people with learning difficulties, hearing and visual impairments or those with autism... more →
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First Great Western criticised over disability provision | West Country (W) – ITV News

For most of us taking a journey by public transport is something we take for granted – but for many disabled people it can be a real challenge. Most firms do their best to help, but often there’s only provision for one wheelchair at a time. Bodmin councillor and disability campaigner Pete Skea took ITV Westcountry along... more →
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