Sleep Apnea is a Disability

I wanted to talk briefly today about sleep apnea which has become more and more of a problem because of its close association with obesity.  My brother-in-law was a sufferer of sleep apnea and was monstrously overweight.  He also suffered the associated ailment of the Pickwick syndrome named after the boy in Pickwick papers who... more →
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Disabled access so variable.

Since I have been involved on disabilitymatch I have been far more conscious on the subject of disabled access. Some places are extraordinarily unfriendly whilst some places are a total joy. I try to see things from a disabled point of view although I am abled bodied myself. Living in LLondonmy first gripe must be the tube service... more →
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Paralysed man walks again – huge advance.

A paralysed man with a completely severed spinal cord has learnt to walk again in a “historic” British-led breakthrough that raises the prospect of treatment for a condition previously believed to be permanent. The patient, a firefighter, was left with no movement or feeling from the waist down after being stabbed four... more →
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First Great Western criticised over disability provision | West Country (W) – ITV News

For most of us taking a journey by public transport is something we take for granted – but for many disabled people it can be a real challenge. Most firms do their best to help, but often there’s only provision for one wheelchair at a time. Bodmin councillor and disability campaigner Pete Skea took ITV Westcountry along... more →
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Blind dance pupil Katy Orr overcomes disability to win top award from her school – Daily Record

A girl has been named Pupil of the Year at her dance school – despite being blind. Katy Orr’s mother told of her family’s pride at how the ave eight-year-old has overcome her disability and keeps facing her daily challenges with a smile. The remarkable youngster suddenly lost most of her sight at the age of three. Mum... more →
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Lord Freud apologises unreservedly for comment about disabled people not being worth minium wage: Politics live blog | Politics | The Guardian

The Liberal Democrats have condemned Lord Freud’s remarks. This is from a spokesman. The views expressed by Lord Freud are completely unacceptable. The Liberal Democrats are proud to have raised the minimum wage repeatedly in government and will resist any attempt to cut it for anybody, not least the disabled. Here’s... more →
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