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Why You Should Consider Medical Tourism for Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic surgeon in india

In this global world we have seen a huge development in what is known as ‘medical tourism.  This mean that instead of having plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery done in the UK with its long NHS waiting lists and endless bureaucracy you could travel to another country and get the procedure done privately at a reasonable price.  Moreover you can enjoy the tourism involved when you head to somewhere exotic like Indonesia or Turkey for surgery.  I was recently skimming through some wonderful sites on google that list and review cosmetic surgery  clinics all over the developing world that might be able to treat you for such things as breast malformation or cleft lip.  Or, if you are perhaps a veteran who has suffered severe burning trauma you could investigate cutting edge treatment in a surprising range of destinations from Istanbul to Singapore and even India.  You would be amazed just how well equipped these clinics are since many developing countries are encouraging their medical centres to promote treatment for overseas patients.  The American Aesthetic Clinic in istanbul is a good example of this type of facility with a specialist dept for scar related issues.

indian doctor with cosmetic surgery clinic

You should not let the prospect of cost deter you since you might well be surprised at just how reasonable prices are in countries like Turkey or India and how fabulous the facilities can be.  Many hospitals in the 3rd world put regional British hospitals to shame in terms of comfort and patient support.  Indeed, many staff at these clinics have been trained in the UK or in the USA so they are all highly qualified but do not expect fees paid in London or other UK regions.

Interestingly an important study into the cost-effectiveness of reconstructive surgery in Low to Middle Income Countries (LMIC)  concluded that the results show that reconstructive surgeries performed during short-term surgical trips are economically sustainable.  This study was, of course, conducted at World Health Authority level but does reinforce my point that UK patients seeking reconstructive surgery should consider going overseas for low-cost high quality medical work.