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New Podcast Episode is available for download.

Our latest podcast is ready for fee download from the podcast.disabilitymatch.co.uk site or from iTunes or most other podcast platforms.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you have 40minutes to while away then this is the podcast for you.  It is an upbeat discussion on a variety of disability issues and our guests are shown in the video above.

Hope you enjoy it.



Sleep Apnea is a Disability

I wanted to talk briefly today about sleep apnea which has become more and more of a problem because of its close association with obesity.  My brother-in-law was a sufferer of sleep apnea and was monstrously overweight.  He also suffered the associated ailment of the Pickwick syndrome named after the boy in Pickwick papers who keeps dozing off.  This was terrible problem for him because he worked as a VIP guide and chauffeur which meant long hours behind the wheel often late at night – how he didn’t crash I never knew.  Unfortunately he died from bowel cancer some time back so his actual apnea problem is no longer important.  It led me to reflect though on the general problem of sleep disability and what can be done for it.  My brother in law was prescribed a night mask which helped a bit and also they operated to remove some of the fat around his chin.  Other people need less extreme solutions and can often get by very well with a mouth guard or other device to keep the airways open.  I noticed a nifty little video on the subject which I will share since it has a cute cartoon character promoting a well respected snoring remedy.


I will talk more about this problem at a later date. Thanks for reading.